Blue Tidal Energy

Efficient, low maintenance tidal energy turbines

Blue Tidal Energy is a tidal stream turbine developer for generators to extract energy from the sea

Barry Bristow

Managing Director

Barry’s engineering experience started with the Ministry of Technology as a Student Engineer. The course incorporated integrating a university degree in Aeronautical Engineering with practical experience at Ministry of Defence establishments around the UK including the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) in Farnborough.
Establishments seconded to included:

RAE Bedford – Student Engineer to the low speed 13ft by 9ft wind tunnel. Work included a full calibration and several testing programmes.

RAE Farnborough – Student Engineer in the Materials Laboratory, helping and observing methods of measuring creep in non ferrous metals. Work was undertaken to examine materials used in the production of Concorde.

RAE Dunsfold - Observation and test result calculations on the anti skid brakes for the KESTREL P1127. This
aircraft was later developed as the Harrier jump jet.

RAE Boscombe Down - The work of this establishment involved testing all aircraft procured for for the RAF and Royal Navy. The work involved analysis of roll rate deterioration when missiles were off loaded during flight.
The F4 Phantom was flown around the flight envelope with extensive monitoring equipment on board.

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering Barry left the Ministry of Defence in 1972
to pursue a career in commercial aircraft production at British Aerospace Hatfield. His role at Hatfield was in
the structural design office working on the HS146 four engine passenger aircraft. The position was to produce
the schematic drawings of the ribs of the leading edge outboard of the outer engine with the associated de-icing ducting.

In 1973 Barry changed direction, by accepting a course at Oxford to be trained as an Airline Pilot for British Airways.

In 1981 Airtrack Services Ltd was set up to provide travel services for both business clients and the public to motor racing events around the world. The company was started with no capital and at its peak produced £4.5M turnover, with a 20% gross profit with 12 staff.

The company was sold to Thomas Cook in 2008.

Dr Brian Kirke

Chief Designer

Brian has been working with Blue Tidal Energy for nearly 2 years and provides the technical and design input to the company. Brian has a long list of achievements in both wind and tidal turbine engineering. He is a leading exponent of renewable energy in both Australia, Canada, UK and around the world.


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Other publications relevant to VATT design:

Kirke, B.K. (1998). Evaluation of self-starting vertical axis wind turbines for stand-alone applications. PhD Thesis, Griffith University. 
Kirke, B.K. (2005). Developments in ducted current turbines. Since putting these on Leo's website ( I've been getting quite a few enquiries and compliments.

Brian is often asked to review grant applications and articles submitted for publication in several reputable journals, as set out below:

Reviewer for German-Israeli Water Technology Cooperation Program grant applications, July 2010, Jan 2013.
Assessor, Qld Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Fund, wave energy grant application, 2008.

Reviewer for 4 journals:

Renewable Energy, Energy for Sustainable Development, Wind Engineering and Energies.


Jonathan Sutton, Commercial Director
Following a successful career in the Royal Navy Jonathan started his second career in business in 2001. He runs a small property development company in UK and has established a Real Estate design consultancy in Croatia. With a scientific education and an interest in renewable energy he is in the process of building a wood pellet factory and is involved in a commercial solar company in UK. Jonathan brings commercial knowledge to the business and aims to ensure total value for money at each stage.