Blue Tidal Energy

Efficient, low maintenance tidal energy turbines

Blue Tidal Energy is a tidal stream turbine developer for generators to extract energy from the sea

Programme of Development

Blue Tidal Energy (BTE) is developing a viable, efficient, low maintenance turbine to produce electrical energy. The process of proving involves testing scale versions in increasingly realistic environments. 

Major areas to prove include: 

1. Turbine operation and efficiency 

2. Mounting platform 

3. Electrical generation & connections to Grid 

4. Maintenance requirements



All tests are being carried out by Dr Florent Trarieux of Cranfield University


Test planning strategy


  • Test facility selection
  • Model design and manufacture
  • Test set-up
  • Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Processing
  • Professional video recording.


Test results

 A full test programme was arranged in the Ship Tank facility at Qinetiq in Gosport. Three days of intensive testing demonstrated the feasability of the pitching mechanism. Results showed satisfactory efficiency but more testing was necessary to show the full potential.