Blue Tidal Energy

Efficient, low maintenance tidal energy turbines

Blue Tidal Energy is a tidal stream turbine developer for generators to extract energy from the sea

Investing in Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a growing investment opportunity in renewable energy, especially in the UK, where conditions are particularly favorable, as shown by recent articles:

“The UK is currently the undisputed global leader in marine energy ...Commercial viability is just around the corner and the UK is well placed to capture a significant share of the global market, forecast to be worth £6.1 billion for the UK by 2035.”

“The UK is currently seen as a world leader and focal point for the development of wave and tidal stream technologies because it has an abundance of marine energy resource.

"2013 could see a big breakthrough in tidal stream power." tidal power energy pontoons


The industry has stalled because of a technology 'wrong direction'

Blue Tidal Energy offers a new direction with the potential to capture all that energy.


“Of the various renewable energy options, marine energy (wave and tidal) is particularly interesting as it is relatively new but offers significant opportunities for growth.

To date the horizontal axis turbines have not produced a commericially viable machine (2016). LCOE rates are up in the £500/MWh range. It is time to take a new direction - the variable pitch vertical axis turbine being developed by Blue Tidal Energy is on course to produce energy at £100-£140/MWh


The Value of Blue Tidal Energy

The Government has set some parameters in its Energy Bill of a maximum installed power of 30MW to benefit from the recommended subsidy for tidal energy.

As an example and using our designated site to the south of the Isle of Wight an array would produce an annual income stream of £14M.

This revenue is for just one array - there are many opportunities in the UK, and an almost unlimited potential around the world.

For a more detailed description of the business plan, contact:


Barry Bristow

Office: 01494 870365 or if outside of UK +441494870365

Mobile: 0774 7610176 or if outside of UK +447747610176